Процедура реализации подсетей

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Determine the IP address for your network аs assigned by the registry authority.

Assume you are assigned a Class В address of


Based on your organization and administrative requirments and structure, determine the number of subnets required for the network. Be sure to plan for future growth

Assume that you are managing a worldwide network m 25 countries. Each country has an average of four locations. Therefore, you will need 100 subnets.


Based on the address class and the
number of subnets you selected, determine the number of bits you need to borrow from the host ID.

To create 100 subnets, you need to borrow 7 bits


Determine the binary and dedmat values of the subnet mask you select.

For a Class В address with 16 bits in the network ID, when you borrow 7 bits, the mask is /23.

Binary value of the mask: 11111111.11111111.11111110.00000000
Decimal value of the mask;


Apply the subnet mask for the network IP address to determine the subnet and host addresses, as explained in the remainder of this section. You will also determine the network and broadcast addresses for each subnet.


Assign subnet addresses to specific subnets on your network.

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